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Scottish Community Foundation

The Scottish Community Foundation was established in 1996 to support locally based charities and community groups throughout Scotland. The funding for the Comic Relief Communities Programme is devolved to the Community Foundation Network.

General and Express Grants

What is the funding for?

Community Grants is the SCF's general grants programme, making grants to a broad cross section of constituted groups involved in social welfare and community development activities.

Within the Scottish Community Foundation’s Community Grants programme, there are two categories:

* Express Grants (awards of £250 to £2,000)
* Main Grants (awards of £2,000 to £5,000)

The majority of the funding is directed at locally based work carried out, and often initiated by, members of that local community. Therefore they currently only consider applications from smaller organisations that have an income of less than £250,000 per annum.

Equally they will only accept applications for relatively small projects, where the amount requested from them is at least 25% of the total project costs. This ensures that the funds they distribute make the greatest difference.

They don't fund activities for more than 12 months, and grants must be spent within one year.

Within these limits, and apart from the other exclusions which can be found in their website, there are no restrictions on the kind of things they can fund. They can accept applications for help with running costs or project expenses and they can fund up to 100% of the relevant costs.

How much money is available?
Express Grants: upto £2,000

Main Grants: upto £5,000

If successful, you cannot reapply for the same type of grant (i.e. Express or Main) for another 8 months. But you can apply for one of the other size grants. E.g. A group that receives a Main Grant in May of one year, will not be able to apply for another Main Grant until the following January. However, they could still apply for an Express Grant.

Who can apply?
Any constituted, not for profit group or organisation.

When to apply
It is a rolling programme with no deadlines.

How to apply
Application forms are available from:
Scottish Community Foundation,
Empire House
131 West Nile Street
G1 2RX

Tel: 0141 341 4960
Fax: 0141 341 4972

Or, forms can be downloaded from:

They make decisions within 3 months of receiving an application
for Main Grants and within 6 weeks for Express Grants.

Application forms should be signed and posted to their Glasgow office:

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